WP Terms Popup WordPress Plugin

WP Terms Popup can be found on WordPress.org plugin repository. Full URL of the plugin here.

What the plugin does

  1. The plugin presents your visitors with a professional looking ‘terms and conditions’ that will make them agree to it before they can continue browsing your website. This is the easiest way to get your visitors to agree to your terms, privacy policy, etc. before entering your website.
  2. Visitors will only see the terms once. If they agree to your terms, they will never see it again for the duration of time specified in your setting. If they don’t agree to your terms, they have a choice to go to a URL of your choice. If visitors decide to access your website with a different URL, they will still see the terms until they agree to it. You have the choice whether to enable or disable this to logged in users.
  3. Assure you that no visitors could use your website before agreeing to your terms. This makes sure you won’t be liable for what your visitors do on your website. Saves you from legal suits, among others.
  4. Since version 1.0.2, you can create as many different “terms” as you want for different purposes (eg. Terms of use, Age verification, Privacy policy, Disclaimer, etc) and show them on any posts or pages.
  5. Since version 1.1.0, you can use shortcode to display the terms on custom post types too.

How to use

After installing and activating the plugin, go to Terms Popup->Add New to create your first terms popup. Go to Settings->WP Terms Popup to set the desired configuration for all terms popups. You can override these settings by editing each individual terms popup.

You can choose whether to have one single terms to be shown across the entire website, or have different terms shown on posts or pages for different purposes. If you want to show popup on posts or pages, go to that post or page edit screen and you will see the option on the right side of the screen.

If you wish to show popup on custom post types, use the following shortcode:
[wpterms id="8"] where ‘8’ is the ID of the terms to be shown. DO NOT use shortcodes on posts or pages, because it’s redundant.

Download the plugin from WordPress.org here : Download Now

4 Replies to “WP Terms Popup WordPress Plugin”

    1. Hello, Dorian, sorry for not coming back to you sooner. If you don’t know CSS, you could get our PRO version, where you could change the color of the text as well as the background according to your liking. Please visit our PRO website on this URL: http://termsplugin.com/

  1. Hello, thank you very much for the post.
    I am using it but it appears directly on my homepage, but I don’t want it there. I went to the concret posts where I wanted to place it and it was easy, but it’s still on the homepage. How could I change that?

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