Formidable Forms User Registration Approval WordPress Plugin


User Registration Approval for Formidable Forms plugin can be found on plugin repository. Full URL of the plugin here.

I wrote this plugin because a client wanted an easy way for admin to approve user registrations. User registrations on his site were submitted using two different forms built with Formidable Forms plugin, which also used User Registration plugin (an extension for Formidable Forms). At the time there was no solution provided by the official Formidable team to achieve this. To make the process easier for the client, I wrote this plugin. You can now get it for free from repository.


This plugin is for those who want to use or have already been using Formidable Forms for user registration and want a simple way to hold the registrations for admin approval.

Plugin Dependency

This plugin is an extension for Formidable Forms. The following plugins are required for it to work properly:

  1. Formidable Forms – Tested with Formidable Forms up to Version 3.06.05.
  2. Formidable Registration (WordPress User Registration add-on for Formidable Forms) – Tested with Formidable Registration up to Version 2.02.01.

The Flow

  1. Admin creates user registration application form using Formidable Forms plugin.
  2. User registers an account using the above form.
  3. If admin turns on approval for the above form, user who registers will automatically have the role of pending, and they cannot login until admin approves their registration.
  4. If admin approves a user registration, that user’s role will change from pending to what is already set on the form setting. The user will be notified by email to let them know their registration has been approved.
  5. Likewise, if admin rejects a user registration, the user will be notified by email to let them know their registration has been rejected, and the user will be deleted.

Download the plugin from here : Download Now

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